The One-Life Game Plan™

Over twenty years of working with business owners, we developed The One-Life Game Plan™. These planning and coaching services are exclusively designed for the special needs of business owners who want to surge ahead in both their personal and professional life, with both immediate and ongoing results. We look at several important areas of your business each year: time management, people, health and spirit, the sales process, operational levers, money, and accountability.


One-Life Game Plan Circle Graphic

This type of in-depth planning is not for everyone. For the right client, the ongoing relationship can be extremely helpful. Most business owners feel something is missing. For example, you can have two businesses right next to each other. Both business owners have the same type of business, the same car, and the same location. However, both have very different day to day experiences.

Owner #1:

  • Unhappy
  • Working 60+ hours per week
  • Feels unfulfilled in relationships
  • Never enough time for what he or she wants to do

Owner #2:

  • Has time to nurture his key relationships
  • Takes time to renew himself or herself
  • Sense of peace and balance
  • Excited about moving forward with the business

Owning a thriving business does not have to mean settling for second-best in the rest of your life. Our clients find themselves identifying more with this second owner. With The One-Life Game Plan™, we created a program to help people move in the direction of the second business owner. Through a continual planning process, our cients move towards their goals in life–not just in monetary goals, such as sales growth and growth in number of employees, but growth in the things that really matter to them.