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Most business owners are happy to give lip service to the idea of integrity. Many of us would say that we act with integrity in our businesses. Today, I’d like to take a closer look at what this actually means. Integrity derives from the Latin integritās, meaning “wholeness.” According to the OED, the definition of integrity is […]

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selling business

Selling your Business

Most business owners looking to sell their business have one of two goals. 1. Maximize value for sale If you’re planning on selling your business, it’s obvious that you’ll want to maximize the value of your business. You’ll need to manage your operations for value. You’ll need to ensure that the business is poised to […]

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time for CFO

Do You Need a CFO?

Clients often come in believing that there’s a financial threshold for requiring CFO services; however, the complexity and volume of transactions is a much better way to determine when it’s time for a CFO. External pressure from banks, regulators, or suppliers is another sign. Rapid growth also indicates a need for CFO services–the business will […]

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The Art of Choosing: Cherrypicking your Projects

First, a word. It’s a business owners’ privilege to be able to decline projects. Of course, this privilege has its problems. To choose the projects that will best serve your business, choose the projects your business can best serve. This requires that you have an accurate picture of your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Identifying these strengths and weaknesses […]

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Tax moves 2014

9 Tax Moves for 2014

Although 2014 is more than halfway over, there are still options for taxpayers looking to save on their tax bill. 1. Sell securities. The maximum tax rate for long-term capital gains is 15% (20% for those in the top two ordinary income tax brackets). Under recent legislature, you may have to pay a surtax of 3.8% on […]

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Firing Clients

Firing clients doesn’t have to be a nightmare. These four steps can help you 1. Know why you’re parting ways. Be prepared to explain clearly and concretely why your professional relationship has run its course, whether that’s because they’ve missed payments or ignored your advice on a big issue. Do this in person, and follow up your […]

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Streamline Your Meetings

Streamline your meetings. Everyone, no matter how great a leader or manager, has experienced the meeting that got out of hand. Usually, it’s something that should have taken ten minutes to discuss, but somehow ballooned into an hour (with no decision by the end). The four biggest mistakes people make in meetings are responsible for most […]

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