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Streamline Your Meetings

Streamline your meetings. Everyone, no matter how great a leader or manager, has experienced the meeting that got out of hand. Usually, it’s something that should have taken ten minutes to discuss, but somehow ballooned into an hour (with no decision by the end). The four biggest mistakes people make in meetings are responsible for most […]

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Business Apps

Evernote. This app is a lifesaver. Usually, I use Google Docs for things that I need to be able to access from multiple points. However, in the current Google Drive app, you can’t edit the documents. Irritating. So, I jumped onboard the Evernote bandwagon. It’s great.TED. If you’ve ever had 5-10 spare minutes waiting in […]

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5 Stages of Planning

“Failing to plan means planning to fail.” “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” These phrases have become cliche because they’re true. Everybody has heard them, yet many people don’t make planning a priority. The most frequent excuse is that there isn’t enough time. However, failure to plan is one of the biggest time wasters out there. […]

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