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Working with a Spouse

Going into business with a spouse can be just as emotionally fraught as going into business with siblings or parents. However, spouses in business together face a unique set of challenges. In theory, spouses working together should communicate more than ordinary business partners and should be better at communicating with one another. However, this doesn’t […]

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Team Building for Business

Most business owners want to strengthen their existing teams. However, it can be difficult to get started. Visions of awkward team-building exercises can dissuade even strong leaders from building their teams. Team building begins with knowing yourself. While team-building is certainly focused outward, it is fruitless to create a team-building process that does not mesh […]

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The Team Every Business Owner Needs

Every small business owner needs a team to succeed. This doesn’t necessarily mean employees or partners (although both can certainly be a part of the team). These are people from various spheres of life and business whom you can trust. The Expert. Develop a relationship with someone in your field who is more experienced at […]

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5 Major 2014 Tax Changes

We’re less than a month into the new year, but it’s already time to take a brief look at the tax outlook for 2014. There are 5 changes that already appear poised to influence taxpayers this year. 1. Delayed Filing Season Thanks to the government shutdown in October, filing season will not begin until January […]

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Working with Siblings

Working with siblings involves a unique set of challenges. Siblings generally have a much stronger competitive streak than parents and children. When multiple siblings are involved in the family business, conflict can easily arise. Siblings are rarely involved in the business in comparable ways. For example, in a dentistry practice, one might be a dentist or […]

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Weekly Wrap-Up

The week of Christmas is typically a pretty slow week for web writing; however, there were still a few noteworthy pieces to share with you all. Take advantage of the post-Christmas slow down to look at some of these great articles. Get a Better Return on Your Business Intelligence If you enjoy a good analogy […]

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Antihero Leadership and Brand Messaging

We’re fascinated by  leaders. The most demanding CEOs command the most attention. They’re visionaries. They’re mavericks. They’re tough guys. More than anything, they are characters, like antiheroes that are becoming increasingly popular on TV and in movies. Many NFL coaches also fit this model. They can get away with being rude. They can lose their temper, […]

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Executive Compensation

The IRS continues to routinely scrutinize executive compensation. Everyone should know that this is a particular area of interest in audits. Closely held C corporations are the most vulnerable to IRS scrutiny. If they have overpaid their shareholder employees, they are only allowed to deduct reasonable compensation paid to shareholder-employees. On the other hand, S […]

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Do You Have a Hiring Strategy?

The hiring process can be slow. It can be frustrating. On the one hand, hiring new employees often occurs at high-energy times, which can be motivating and energizing when channeled. Either your business is experiencing significant growth, or you’re in crisis mode looking to replace an existing staff member. Either way, there is an undercurrent […]

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