Lessons from John Maxwell

In the latest issue of Success, John Maxwell gave an insightful interview in anticipation of his latest book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, coming out shortly. Here are some of the most important takeaways from the article.

Reflect. Take the time to think and ask questions about your experiences. Just a few minutes a day can

Be disciplined. Know What and How you need to improve. Be diligent with the small things, and larger growth will follow.

Be honest with yourself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses for what they are.

Aim for wisdom. Don’t just settle for crisis-management. If things are going well, try to pinpoint the source.

Do the same if things aren’t going well. Do more than just have knowledge–understand why things are happening.

Cultivate an environment of growth. Be forward-thinking. A team-oriented atmosphere is one in which every member is encouraged to achieve their greatest potential.

Identify the strengths of others. Look at other companies that have been highly successful. Use some of their strategies to help yourself.